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Transparency & Understanding  Fees, products, resources: all disclosed and made clear.

At the Potter Financial Group, we believe in total transparency and clarity.  You will always know how and what we charge for our services; you will always completely understand any product or investment recommendation and why we are proposing it for your financial strategy.  As an independent financial services firm, we are never required to recommend any product or investment tool. We enter every client relationship from a holistic financial planning perspective first. As credentialed advisors, we have specialized knowledge of the fiduciary standard and work in our clients’ best interests. 

Our Fee Structure


We believe that everyone is deserving of good financial advice. While we have guidelines for fees, we understand each client’s unique circumstances, and have built in flexibility to our fee structure because not all clients require the same service from us.  

Initial Consultation – No Fee

This is the first time we meet with each other.  We tell you about the Potter Financial Group and how we work, and you tell us what you think your financial needs and goals are.  There is no fee for this meeting.

One Time Discovery Fee

If, after our initial consultation, you decide you would like us to provide an overview of your current financial situation and where you stand in relation to your goals, we will provide you with a written document and meeting to discuss our findings.  You have no obligation to us at that point. There is a one-time fee for this service between $750 - $1,500 depending on the amount of work.

Client Fees

If you decide to become a client of the Potter Financial Group there are several ways we can work with you depending on what you need from us.  Since every client is different we try to remain flexible within our guidelines.

Concierge Advice 

Some of our clients have much of their assets tied into pension plans and may want us only to monitor and advise them on how maximize these retirement plans. Other clients may have other assets and just want guidance and advice.  For all these clients we charge a yearly planning fee for providing the advice they need. This fee is reduced or eliminated upon a client moving assets to the Potter Financial Group.

Asset Management and our Concierge Advice

When you decide to move assets to the Potter Financial Group, we charge you based on those assets. There is a sliding advisory fee schedule for our combined asset management and wealth management concierge services (click box) that allows for economies of scale.  

When you meet with us to decide to become a client, you will be provided with a document outlining all fees for your specific situation.  Other fees, such as platform/clearing costs or third party management fees will be disclosed at the time of service.


As an independent financial services company, we have access to the major insurance  companies and will make recommendation based on what is in your best interests.  There is no additional fee for this service.  All product related compensation comes from commissions already built into the products themselves.

We try to be flexible to your needs.  Let’s start the discussion.