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Helping Clients Grow &
Protect Wealth Since 1985


You are devoting your life to helping others. Isn't it time someone helped you to be financially healthy?

Now is the time to diagnose the financial issues that could affect your future. Once you’ve taken that first step, we develop a prescription to help you reach your financial goals.

Questions to think about:

  • Are you maximizing all of your available retirement options?
    IRA, ORP, 403(b), ROTH 401(k), 457(b)
    We specialize in working with physicians like you to understand and take full advantage of all of your retirement options.

  • Do you have an appropriate investment strategy for this market?
    We can help tailor the right coordinated investment mix among the different retirement plans available to you.

  • If there's a family crisis, how will you provide for your family?
    Our goal is to provide you peace of mind knowing that your family is taken care of.

  • How vulnerable are you if were to be sued?
    We live in a litigious society. Asset protection strategies can protect your wealth from being taken away from you.

Advisors at the Potter Financial Group have been serving the physician community for 30 + years and we have experience working with physicians during all stages of their careers. It’s because of this experience that our firm has been invited to be a financial advisor for the MD Preferred Professional Services Program.


If you’re looking for an independent firm with the proper credentials and experience, please contact us at

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