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Clients Are Our Only Business

Our focus is always on your financial future

When it comes to your financial planning needs, we hold a different conversation. It begins with a discussion of your values and vision for your financial future. We listen carefully to gain a full understanding of your situation. Only then do we design a strategy that meets your circumstances. 

We Pay Attention to Your Goals & Stay Prepared for What May Come Next

Based on our conversations, we focus on developing a strategy that is appropriate for your current circumstances and future goals. Plus, we have the financial and personal experience to guide you through all the unexpected challenges that life throws our way.  We help keep you moving forward.

  • We concentrate on making sure you understand and concur with our choices and strategies.
  • Because life does not remain static, we monitor and evaluate your strategy/portfolio to make sure it remains on track to meet your goals.
  • We help you stay focused on your objectives as market fluctuations occur.

    Retirement is Different

    Things change when you are close to retirement or are living in retirement.  The strategies needed to build your retirement nest egg during the wealth builder phase can hurt you during retirement when you are in the wealth management and wealth transfer phases. Our job is to focus on the strategies you need to be successful in whatever phase you are in today and in the future. 

    We are Guided by Relationships – Not Transactions

    As our client you are not just a number, a chart or financial model. You, your family and your situation are where we put our focus. As credentialed advisors and professionals, we have specialized knowledge of the fiduciary standard and work in our clients’ best interests.  We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our clients.  

    We’re With You For the Long Term

    We treat clients the way we want to be treated, with respect, integrity, concern and friendship.  It’s why most of our clients have been our clients for many years.


By utilizing our suite of services, you can rest assured that you will always receive balanced and appropriate professional advice for your unique situation.


This is a comprehensive approach involving all areas of your financial life. The process is analytical and advisory involving evaluation of your present situation with specific recommendations in each area. Financial planning is a process and not an event. Thus, this service requires periodic review and revision.


The strategies used to accumulate wealth are vastly different from those used to distribute wealth. For retirees or soon-to-be retirees, we evaluate three different methods of distribution for your retirement. You’ve worked hard to accumulate a nest egg, now let us help you provide an income that can last the rest of your life.


Evaluation of a portfolio takes time, experience and wisdom. Let us assess your portfolio’s effectiveness given your unique goals, objectives, risk tolerance and timeframe.


Goals are reached not only by accumulating wealth but by insuring their completion even if things don’t go as planned. Managing risk involves a good defensive plan and monitors solid insurance strategies in areas such as life, disability, health, long term care, property and casualty and liability.

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