For Caregivers

None of us like to think of our parents growing older, but they do.

As caregivers, we take on all of their worries on top of our own.

I’ve walked in your shoes and I can help.

“The closest thing to being cared for is to care for others” - Carson McCullers


For me caregiving is personal.

My sisters and I found ourselves taking care of our mother, Mary Ann Roe, when she was diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Welcome to the Sandwich Generation: 23% of American adults are caring for both children and aging parents.*

Becoming my mother’s caregiver was not something I had anticipated. I had teenage children, college expenses and the responsibility of Mom’s care. I was now part of the Sandwich Generation. The process of becoming Mom’s caregiver taught me important lessons that I can share with my clients.

How I Help Care-giving Families

  • Starting the difficult care-giving conversation
  • What to do first in a care-giving crisis
  • Where to look for help and support
  • How to manage and pay for healthcare expenses
  • Most important – organizing your parent’s financial information and important documents

Healthy Wealthy & Wise Newsletter


Created for people like us, the Sandwich Generation. There are articles on:

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  • The financial ramifications of care-giving
  • Retirement
  • College planning
  • Emotional effects of care-giving
  • Tax issues
  • Information on Social Security and Medicare

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Healthy Wealthy & Wise Workshops

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Starting fall 2019, we will be holding workshops on Caregiving and the Sandwich Generation.

Please check our website or call our offices for more information

Financial Knowledge and Personal Experience For Your Benefit

Caring for Parents

Taking care of your parents can be emotional and expensive.
Watch this video to learn about steps you can take to overcome these challenges.

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