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Business Owners

“My CPA told me to see my lawyer and my lawyer told me to see my CPA, who then said I probably ought to run it by my financial planner…”.

A quote from a confused client

As business owners ourselves, we understand how owning a business provides a range of possibilities for creating financial independence. We work with your tax and legal professionals to help integrate all the various strategies, opportunities and risks available to you as an owner of a closely held business.

From special tax advantages, to retirement plan opportunities, to executive compensation techniques, and finally to exit strategies for the transfer/sale of your business, we can help carefully craft your personalized plan for wealth.

As a business owner, you also face a specific group of risks. We can help you protect yourself and your business assets by providing solutions for the pitfalls that can create business interruption. We then tailor the solutions you need to match your comfort level of risk.

Business Planning Problems We can Help You Solve:

  • Using the Tax Code to your Benefit
  • Ensuring your Competition doesn’t Steal your Key Employees
  • Making sure an Accident doesn’t Compromise your Business/Assets
  • Protecting the Value of your Business Upon Your Death
  • Maximizing Employee Benefits

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